The New Puccini from LG

posted on 14 Sep 2013 13:08 by jordanszdek

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The first impression you get concerning the new Puccini from LG (GT500 is its official nomenclature) is that its 1 of those slim and sexy new 3" touchscreen phones beginning to flood the industry. Targeting the much less upscale mid variety marketplace for touchscreen with a tug in the style sense, LG includes a winner in its hands.

 A terrific Worth

 For 1, the Puccini is a palm and pocket-friendly mobile phone that is certainly superlative in style and craftsmanship. There is certainly nothing at all that stands out in terms of looks nevertheless it does offer 1 of the far better choices around to get a mobile phone of this size, design and feature set.

 Speaking about its feature set, once again, there absolutely nothing outstanding in regards to the Puccini that you just won find in other offerings from major rivals Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, but this can be one worth package you shouldn miss when looking for a capable top edge mobile phone that strikingly attractive besides.

 Function set to wow its markets

 Unique and not-so exclusive features abound within the Puccini to create it a value deal. Here are some standouts:

 ?There LG WisePilot function enabling users to locate and discover new areas with all the assist of map-based locators provided by its network.

 ?It comes with Dolby 2.0 sound processing that makes for any more engaging music listening encounter on its music player.

 ?The handset permits tethering which tends to make it act like a modem more than 3G or HSDPA networks to enable your desktop or laptop Computer to access the net

 ?Puccini is actually a tri-band GSM that supports high speed HSDPA for seamless 3G

 Attributes at par with all the rest

 The Puccini can take on the competition with out the functions which are quite much a commodity for the mobiles phones in its class and price range.

 ?It got a 3" LCD TFT screen with QVGA resolution supporting 256k colors for a genuinely brilliant show even below the sun.

 ?A 5-megapixel camera with auto concentrate and LED flash provides the Puccini parity with other camera phones available with regards to polish inside the images and video it requires. It functions geo tagging that retailers the location where the photo is taken. It even comes with image stabilization, face and smile recognition.

 ?A secondary camera with decrease resolution is at the fade for video calls more than 3G networks.

 ?Multimedia players that support all of the identified audio and video formats popular among the hip crowd.

 ?There e-mail and net browsing characteristics that assistance YouTube.

 ?Document viewers for MS and PDF files come common also.




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